Wind Damage Roof Repairs

Up Close Shot of Wind Damaged Gray Asphalt Roof

Storm Damage and Your Home

Dealing with storm damage can seem difficult and overwhelming, especially if the damage is extensive enough. One element that can really put your roof through a beating is actually the wind. When the gusts are strong enough, wind can rip shingles off of your roof, blow debris into your gutters, and knock trees or limbs into your home. While it can seem like nothing, the wind is a powerful force that can cause serious damage. If your home has been affected by wind damage and you need roof wind damage repair in King of Prussia, PA, contact only the best. G. Cannon, Inc. is available right now at 610-279-3121.

When the Wind Damages Your Roof

The most common roof damage caused by wind is the removal of shingles. This means the wind gusts were strong enough to actually rip pieces or full shingles off of your roof. A regular asphalt shingle can withstand wind gusts up to 80 mph.

When your residential roof is affected by wind damage, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. More likely than not, the underlying roof decking was exposed when the shingles were damaged. If and when that happens, the structural integrity of your roof could quickly become compromised. A damaged roof that is not repaired can see the issues of wood rot, material deterioration, and eventually mold. For roof wind damage replacements, the G. Cannon, Inc. is the best. We have years of experience with all storm damage repair needs. Our licensed roofers can easily find the affected areas, remove the damaged roofing, and easily repair or replace it with fresh shingles. Regardless of what the material is on your residential roof, our team can expertly repair it and get your home back to a functioning condition.

Tree Knocked Over Onto House and Roof

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