Roof Hail Damage Repairs

Piling Hailstones Prior to Hail Damage Roof Repair

Leaving a Mark With Quality Repairs

While hail damage can be a disheartening situation for anyone, our team at G. Cannon, Inc. makes it easy to find quick, lasting relief. Not only do we provide professional repairs and roof replacement service to help, our thorough inspections also catch the minute signs of structural damage that hasty roofing pros often miss. For cost-effective service and premium roofing care, call our team at 610-279-3121 and ask for our King of Prussia, PA roof hail damage repair!

Creating a Plan for Lasting Results

One of the demanding challenges of fixing rooftop hail damage is identifying all the minuscule signs of trauma. Not every damaged shingle has an obvious split down the middle. It takes diligent attention to detail to produce lasting results for your roof repairs!

When a homeowner or business calls our team and asks for roof hail damage repair, we always start by carefully examining the rooftop. This stage is particularly important for those property owners looking to file an insurance claim! Our seasoned inspector documents the damage in a detailed report, which you can use to support your claim and plan your roofing expenses.

Identifying Hail Damage

Visible Signs of Hail Damage

How can homeowners and building managers tell if their roof has been impacted by a recent hail storm? While hail trauma isn’t always as obvious as the signs left by wind damage, there are a few signs that can help. These include:

  • Cracked or torn shingles
  • Pock marks on the surface of your roof
  • Dripping noises above your ceiling
  • Water stains after a hail storm
  • Elevated attic moisture following a storm

While you may not spot any clear signs of damage, be sure to have your roof checked out after any serious storms. Not only does this provide some much needed peace of mind, it also allows your roofer to spot any trauma you may have missed from a ground level inspection.

Next Steps

Determining Your Steps After Hail Damage

One of the most critical benefits of calling for a post-storm inspection is determining your next steps. As a homeowner or building owner, this may feel like the most alarming challenge to face. Our seasoned roofing professionals at G. Cannon, Inc. make things refreshingly simple.

We merely work to determine what’s most cost-effective solution for your particular situation. For roofing systems with isolated hail damage, we often recommend repairs or partial roof replacement. For those systems struck by more widespread, structural trauma, replacement may be a more practical solution. Of course, we also take the age of your roof into account.

Whether your roof ultimately requires repair or replacement, you can count on our team to provide lasting results!

Rooftop Emergencies

When to Call for Hail Damage Repairs

When it comes to roof hail damage repair, timely care can make all the difference. That’s especially true when the weather forecast advises of continued precipitation! After you notice the first signs of rooftop damage (leaks or shingle trauma), be sure to arrange your repairs quickly.

If your local forecast indicates rain or further ice, call immediately to arrange emergency roof repair. Even minor hail damage may leave your home or business exposed to leaks. Preventing water damage (and the subsequent mold growth) far outweighs the cost of an after-hours service call! You can count on our on-call professionals to offer prompt repairs when you need them most.

Inspector Marks Rooftop Trauma During Hail Damage Roof Repair

Arrange Your Roof Hail Damage Repair!

Eager to have your roof examined by a trusted professional? Call our friendly team at 610-279-3121 and arrange your roof hail damage repair in King of Prussia, PA! See why so many locals trust us with their post-storm services.