Soffit and Fascia Repair in King of Prussia, PA

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Do You Really Need Soffit and Fascia?

Have you noticed the boards running along with and behind the gutters on your home? Are you wondering if they are even necessary? The answer is, yes they are! Those boards are known as soffit and fascia, and they are pretty important to the overall structure of your residential roof. When installed and maintained correctly, your soffit and fascia can provide adequate ventilation and support. When you need a reliable soffit and fascia repair in King of Prussia, PA, trust G. Cannon, Inc.. We have a reputable team of roofers and contractors that can easily install, repair, or replace the soffit and fascia on your home. Call us, 610-279-3121, to get started repairing or maintaining your roof today.

The Importance of a Soffit and Fascia Installation

What actually is soffit and fascia? Soffit is the board, or boards, that are installed under a roof overhang. It isn’t often visible from the street, but when you get closer to the house, it can be seen. Soffit boards are generally made from a vinyl material as it is less likely to rust or rot. Fascia goes hand in hand with the soffit. It is the most visible of the two installations. Gutters are often installed onto the fascia, as it helps to provide added support.

Why are these important to your roofing structure? The soffit and fascia are needed to help provide aeration and added structure to your roof. Soffit boards are often ventilated to help prevent the buildup of water and condensation. If either is allowed to build up, you could face mold or mildew growths. While the fascia is considered the last line of support for the last layer of roofing shingles. Additionally, the fascia is where your gutters are installed, so it needs to be able to support the weight of the gutters plus the last layer of shingles.

It’s important to have your soffit and fascia maintained regularly. Failure to do so can lead to serious problems such as water damage, rot, and even rodent or insect infestations. While the soffit needs to be able to ventilate, any signs of cracks or out-of-place holes need to be addressed immediately. The same is true for the fascia as well. Any signs of deterioration or dipping of the fascia need to be handled as quickly as possible. Not just the fascia board is in danger of being compromised, but so are your gutters. Remember, the gutters are installed on the fascia, so when there is a problem with either the soffit or fascia, more areas of your roof could be compromised. Rely on G. Cannon, Inc. for any soffit and fascia replacement needs you may have. Our team is experienced experts in all roofing needs, including the soffit and fascia. Let us help today. For soffit and fascia repair in King of Prussia, PA, rely on us.

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Quality soffit and fascia on your home are dependent on a quality installation. More importantly, they are dependent on reliable maintenance and repairs. For soffit and fascia repair in King of Prussia, PA, only trust G. Cannon, Inc.. We are the leading residential roofing company in the area. We have the necessary experience to expertly repair or replace the soffit and fascia boards on your roof. Get started with us today. Call 610-279-3121 to schedule an appointment or to just learn more about our services.