Completed Cedar Roof Installation

Beautiful and Reliable Roofing

Finding a roofing structure that is both dependable and beautiful can seem impossible, but not when you choose a cedar roof. Cedar shake shingles are highly sought after because of how reliable they are as roofing shingles. More importantly, they are chosen because of how beautiful they are. A finished cedar roof is stunning in all seasons, but that can also be hard to come by. A quality cedar roof installation in King of Prussia, PA may be hard for other contractors, but not for G. Cannon, Inc.. Connect with us today, 610-279-3121, for more information. 

Cedar Roof Repair and Other Services

G. Cannon, Inc. contractors offer the very best in installation and maintenance services for residential roofing. We have years of quality experience with things like cedar shingle roof installation as well as cedar roof repairs. When you need dependable services, you can count on us. Our company is GAF certified, which means that we only work with the best materials on the market. Additionally, it means that our services are backed by real warranties and guarantees. So you can be sure that you will always have a quality roof over your head.

Benefits of Cedar Roofing

The benefits of having a cedar roof extend beyond the beauty of it, though that obviously is an advantage. That being said, the best way to experience the benefits of a cedar roof, or any roof, is with a quality installation by G. Cannon, Inc..

  • Durability: While it may not seem like it, cedar shake shingles are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to strong winds, rain, hail, insects, and more.
  • Energy Efficiency: Along with durability, these shingles are highly energy efficient. They provide almost double the insulation of a regular asphalt shingle which will help your home conserve hot and cool air. 
  • Beauty: Of course, one of the top benefits of a cedar roof installation is the beautiful finished product. This roofing structure is simply beautiful and unmatched by any other option.
Cedar Roof Installation That is Complete

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When you need dependable roofing of any kind, give G. Cannon, Inc. a call. We can help with all residential roofing needs, including a cedar roof installation in King of Prussia, PA. Dial 610-279-3121 to get started.