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Whether you have a commercial or residential building, there comes a time when you may need to replace or restore your roofing structure. There are a lot of options, but one that covers the spectrum is in fact metal roofing. Metal roofing is actually a cost-efficient roofing solution for both residential and commercial buildings. While this material is expensive at first, there are many financial returns that property owners can see. Ultimately, a quality metal roof comes down to the quality of the material used and how well the material is installed. For a quality metal roof installation in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, look no further than G. Cannon, Inc.. We are the leading roofing company in your area, providing expert roofing for both residential and commercial purposes. Our roofing contractors can expertly install, repair, and maintain your metal roofing. Call us at 610-279-3121 to get started today.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

So why do property owners choose metal roofing over other materials? Metal roofing is advantageous for several reasons, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: During the summer months, metal roofing acts like a barrier from the sun. Rather than absorbing the heat, metal reflects it, which helps to keep your building or home cool. And during the winter months, metal roofing helps to keep heat in. In doing so, your home’s heating and cooling system will be able to function much more efficiently.
  • Longevity: Metal roofing is incredibly long-lasting. It’s sought after because it is often impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and fireproof. Additionally, most metal roofing manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty on their products. Which is great, even though most metal roofing can last upwards of 70 years.
  • Insurance Benefits: Because of how durable and long-lasting metal roofing is, there are many insurance companies that offer benefits to homeowners with this roofing structure. Metal roof installations can help potentially lower insurance premiums or provide discounts that you otherwise may not see.
  • Tax Benefits: For commercial building owners, metal roofing can actually help offer tax benefits. Metal, such as aluminum, is so light it can be installed directly over an existing roof. That is considered a restoration, which can be used to get some money back when filing your taxes.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing metal roofing for either a home or commercial building. When you are ready to talk to someone about a metal roof installation in King of Prussia, PA, contact G. Cannon, Inc. 610-279-3121.

Residential Metal Roof Installation

A great investment for homeowners is actually metal roofing. Installing a metal roof for residential properties can have many significant benefits such as increased property value, energy efficiency, and even insurance benefits. Having a residential metal roof is a big investment that can also deter a lot of homeowners because of how much the initial cost is. Metal roof installations of any kind can be very expensive at first, but there are a lot of cost-benefits that homeowners will see over time. To see those benefits, though, the installation needs to be done correctly. For an expert residential metal roof installation in King of Prussia, PA, rely on G. Cannon, Inc.. We are the leading residential roofing company in the area, providing experienced and expert services to our clients. We are one of the few roofing companies that can truly call themselves a full-service company, providing both installation and metal roof repair services. You are guaranteed a high-quality roof when you work with us.

Commercial Metal Roof Installation

Your commercial building needs a durable and reliable roofing structure. For that, have you considered a metal roof? Metal roofing is sturdy, long-lasting, and cost-efficient long-term. That being said, a quality metal roof for any building, but especially a commercial building, comes down to the installation. When you need a reliable commercial metal roof installation in King of Prussia, PA, only trust G. Cannon, Inc.. We have been in business for several years, so we have the knowledge and experience you need out of a roofing team. Our roofing contractors can expertly install a metal roof on your commercial building in no time at all. While metal roofing is durable, accidents and damage do still happen and when you need metal roof repairs, we are still the team to rely on. Our roofers are efficient with all roofing jobs, completing everything with accuracy and skill.

Commercial Metal Roofing Just Installed

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A metal roof installation in King of Prussia, PA can easily be completed by the G. Cannon, Inc. team. Our roofers can just as easily complete any metal roof repairs that you may need as well. We are one of the few full-service roofing companies in the area, and we are proud of that. We have years of experience, knowledge, and skills to expertly complete any roofing job you may have. Give us a call at 610-279-3121 to schedule an appointment with us today.