Is Hail Damage an Emergency?

Shingle With Hail Damage

Repairing Your Home After a Storm

Has your home been hit by a hail storm recently? Do you know when is the best time to call a roofer about possible hail damage? More often than not, homeowners will wait until it is much too late to reach out to contact a roofing company. Usually, the day after a hail storm is the best time to call a roofing company. Then you can schedule an appointment and know for sure if there is any hail damage. If there isn’t, then you can feel safe knowing you have a reliable roof over your head. If there is damage, then you can begin the process to repair it and not risk a roofing emergency during the next big storm. For hail damage repair in King of Prussia, PA, contact G. Cannon, Inc. at 610-279-3121.

Is Hail Damage Really an Emergency?

Yes, hail damage is an emergency. When you roof is hit by hail, it can be difficult to even detect the damage but it is there. If you aren’t inspecting and repairing your roof, then the hail damage is only becoming exacerbated by the elements. This can result in mold growth, wood rot, and more. Finding and repairing damaged shingles is important to protecting the integrity and safety of your roof. Damaged shingles are more susceptible to leaks and water damage. When this happens, water can compromise the safety of your roof decking, causing the wood to rot from long-term exposure to water. If this happens, you will have much bigger problems on your hands. Hail damage is an emergency because when uncheck and unrepaired, your home could quickly become a safety hazard.

How to Tell There is Hail Damage

Though identifying hail damage can be difficult, it is not impossible. There are several things to look for to indicate roof damage.

  • Granules Everywhere: Asphalt shingles are coated with layers of granules to help provide protection for the underlying fiberglass. If you are finding these granules in the gutters or around your driveway, something is brushing them off. It could be an overhanging tree limb, high-winds, or anything. Even hail, with enough impact, can force the granules off a shingle.
  • Dents and Holes: A sure indication of hail damage can actually be found on your gutters. Look for dents or dings in your gutters. If there are any actual holes, then you’ll need to get your gutters repaired as well. But if the hail is big enough and forceful enough, it can dent and damage your gutters or downspouts.
  • Missing Pieces: If you are able to get on your roof after a storm, that is great. Look for dents or pitted areas of shingles. A clear indicator would be complete missing pieces of shingles. This can happen when the temperature drastically changes during a storm. The shingles shrink and become brittle, then when hit with impactful hail, will break.
  • Water Damage: Inside your home, you’ll be able to notice roof damage if you are noticing brown or black spots on your ceiling. This may be water damage that is resulting from broken or missing shingles. Water damage or leaks are an unfortunate way to figure out there is roof damage, which is why inspections are so important.
Collection of Hail From a Storm

What to do To Repair Your Roof

The most important step any homeowner can take after a storm is to schedule an inspection. Through the inspection, roofing contractors can find potential damages to repair. In doing so, you will be ahead of problems so they don’t become bigger. If you can’t get ahold of someone right away, there are still things you can do to prevent further damage. Do not do anything to or on your roof while a storm is still going. You could risk injury to yourself and possibly damage your roof even more.

  • Use a tarp: On the roof, cover the damaged area with a tarp. Doing so will help keep water and moisture from creating more problems. Inside your home, you can install a piece of wood or plywood under the damaged area. This will help prevent any more water from getting in. It will also provide extra support to keep the roof from drooping or dipping.
  • Install a temporary patch: If you have to wait for a roofing company, there are temporary patch kits that you can purchase. These kits provide everything you need to put in a very temporary fix. If the damage is extensive, these kits will only prevent further damage, they will not actually repair the issue. For that, you will need a reliable roofing company like G. Cannon, Inc., to come in and make complete repairs.

At the end of the day, these fixes are only temporary. They will not correct any water damage caused by an unrepaired shingle. Patch kits are good for helping to prevent further damage, but they are not a complete fix. Rely on G. Cannon, Inc. when you need any kind of roof repair, including hail damage repair in King of Prussia, PA.

Hail Covering Roof After a Storm

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