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Roof repairs, replacements, restorations, and installations can get expensive fast. They can be time-consuming projects that seem to go on endlessly. But when you work with G. Cannon, Inc., that will never be the case. We are one of the best rated roofing companies in your area, providing unmatched and unbeatable residential and commercial roofing services. Our team of roofing contractors are experienced and skilled with all roofing needs. No matter what the need is, we can address it and provide the best possible roofing solution you need. When you need Bucks County Roofers from Bucks County, PA, rely on us. Call 610-279-3121 to schedule an appointment today.

Doing What We Do Best

Whether you need a residential or commercial roofer in the Bucks County area, you can rely on G. Cannon, Inc.. Our roofing contractors are experienced and trained with the most relevant roofing techniques. We can complete services quickly and efficiently, making sure your home or office is back to working order in no time. Trust us to get jobs done accurately, the first time around. Inexperienced roofers make mistakes that we do not. You are guaranteed a quality roof and a quality experience when you work with G. Cannon, Inc..

Where We Operate

  • Perkasie
  • Warminster
  • Chalfont
  • Richboro
  • Jamison

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is what we do best. The G. Cannon, Inc. Bucks County roofers are dedicated to providing amazing residential roofing to every client. We can install shingles, repair damaged roofing, and even replace the soffit and fascia. Whatever it is you need, we can address it and provide the best possible solution. Homeowners choose us because we are reliable, efficient, and professional. Customer service is just as important to us as a properly installed roof. Reach out to us today, 610-279-3121, to learn more.

  • Roof Installation Our expert roofers will efficiently install any material on your residential roof starting today.
  • Roof Repair Services We provide reliable repair services for just about any residential roofing need.
  • Residential Flat Roofing Certain areas of your roof may require more attention than other. Rely on our team for quality service all-around.

Storm Damage Repairs

Here in the Bucks County area, we know storms well. We also know that storms can cause unforeseen and often hard to detect damages to your roof. If and when that happens, scheduling regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your roof. For that, call on G. Cannon, Inc.. Our experienced contractors will gladly inspect your roof for possible damages and repair them accordingly. We also provide insurance aide if you are going through with a claims process and need help. Let our roofers start helping you today.

  • Emergency Roof Repair When you find a roofing emergency in your home during a storm, call our team for immediate service.
  • Hail Damage Repair Hail can cause significant amounts of unforeseen damage. Call our team to inspect and repair your roof.
  • Wind Damage Repair The wind can actually cause a lot of damage to your asphalt shingle roof. Let our team start repairing your roof today.

Other Services

Roofing is not the only thing we do. The Bucks County roofers can provide other beneficial home repair services. We know that when there is a roof problem, there is more than likely other issues around the home as well. Rather than call several different companies and wait for someone to show up, just make one phone call to us. G. Cannon, Inc. contractors can repair or replace windows and we can restore your gutters if they are damaged. Both your windows and your gutters are important to a well-functioning home. When either become damaged, you may start to notice problems and inefficiency within. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to get started with repairs.

  • Roof Gutter Install & Repair Protect the safety of your home and roof with a quality gutter installation completed by our team.
  • Window Replacement Increase the efficiency in your home with a proper window installtion. Our team can help.
  • Soffit & Fascia Repair Protect your roof and your gutters by calling our roofers to repair or replace damaged soffit and fascia on your home.
Contractors Installing Window in Bucks County Building

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